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Reverend Congregation Gallery

We are truly Reverend Fanatics! If you would like to share any pictures of your Reverend Collection, be it guitars, basses, accessories, or action shots of you playing, please send em' in!

If you like to send some bio info, your first Reverend, or related experiences, just jot down some info and send that with your pics and I'll flesh out ther rest. Don't hesitate to send links to your/your band's site too and I'll hook you up!

Reverend Ambassador Extraordinaire: IPLAYLOUD

If you have spent any time on the net searching info on Reverends, you probably have run Across Johnny C.... aka IPLAYLOUD Reverend Bass(pictured at right with Moroccan Gold Rumblefish and buddy, Richie T). A lot of current Reverend enthusiast are "late to the party", or at least got on board after the USA era ended.

IPLAYLOUD though, got involved, early on in 2000 when he called Joe in a quest to order a Rocco.

From that point on, he has been one of Reverend's biggest supporters, and has helped the company out in countless ways both behind the scenes and out front. He is probably best described the first "Reverend Ambassador". He is steeped in Reverend lore, and has provided critical information when I had hit dead ends in my searches. He is the keeper of the treasured "Reverend Men's Room Key" made from a Bass Headstock!

Keep up the good work John!

Bob aka Portsider with his latest Reverend USA

PorsiderPortsider is another Reverend aficionado who has been in the Congregation for a long time. He recently picked up this sweet AVTL which garnered January's Gem of the Month. He has wasted no time in putting her into action with his band, "Dumb Blind Luck". They are getting ready to release their second CD "What's that Potion" in the next few months.

The band has the whole Reverend thing going on as you can see the bass player, Mike A, thumpin out the grooves on his Aged White Rumblefish. Extra credit goes to Mike for wearing the Reverend strap!

Porstsider says, "I got my first Reverend, a flame maple SSC in July 2004 and got my purple Rocco a week later. I have owned one or more of every USA model except for Commando, Hitman and Wolfman. What attracted me to Reverend was the light weight, but what kept me coming back is the sound and playability."

Mike and the band keep their Reverends Rocking in Tampa Florida. Keep up the good work!

Ross King

Ross is the Boss

I am proud to say that I sold Ross K his first Rumblefish... a one-of-a-kind Racing Stripe 5L.
Oddly enough, we are from the same hometown, though I live 5000 miles away in Germany now.

A few years ago on a trip back home to see my folks, I got up with Ross at a gig he was doing in VA Beach. I really only had about 20 minutes of time to stop by, but ended up staying a couple of hours cause it was so much fun listening to him play. He's one of those guys that make hacks like me wanna quit playing after we hear them.... they are that good! Check em out yourself at either their homepage: The Office Band or via their Facebook page HERE!

Bass players in general always seem to be wonderful folks to hang out with, and Ross is no exception. The man's got crazy bass skills and was super cool to boot. Ross

In the few short years since he bought the 5L from me, he has assembled one fine school of fish. Along with his action shot (above) he sends in a picture of "just" his 5 string collection for us to drool over.


Ryan Bueter

Every once in a while you hear somebody described as, "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business". Well, I am sure there is a long list of folks who that disctinction would apply, but if Ryan's name isn't on there, it ain't a complete list!.

Ryan does it all, from drums to keys, from piano duels to drum solos, Hard Rock to Kid's Country! Ryan is an Reverend Endorsed Artist that plays both the old school USAs and the new import line.

He came on to the Reverend scene making a splash and quickly built up an impressive collection of rare and sought after guitars.

He is based out on the west coast, but check ou Ryan's Facebook Page and then do youself a favor and go see him live!

Dirk L and the Diamond Plate

I have been trying to get this Diamond Plate Rocco from Dirk ever since he sent me this photo of him rockin' the house with it. Sadly (for me) he won't part with it.... yet!

My fingers are crossed, but until then, Dirk plays as much as he can with it in band based in Berlin Germany.

He is a super cool dude, and freaked me out the first time we spoke on the phone, as he learned his English in Australia. If you didn't know any better, you'd think you were talking to Crocodile Dundee on the phone! The Diamond Plate isn't his only sweet Reverend either. Its stable mate is a beautiful Hot Rod Flamed Rocco!

Fletcher and the Artic Fox

Reverend SLS 4717

Fletcher has used the Artic White Advanced Slingshot extensively with his band, Odd Order. I grew up listing to old school punk and their band really nails that sound. He has since parted ways with the "only artic white slingshot", but he still has other Reverends to keep him company so the sting is not so bad. Extra credit for the cool Swart Amp!

Jerry H and his Rumblefish XL

Rumblefish XL

Jerry H banging out the tunes on his Rumblefish XL. Jerry's has had a few Rumblefish over the years, but he is currently down to two. This Yellow XL and a Safety Orange PJ.

Jerry is striking the pose with his sweet bass with maple neck at an outdoor gig. Extra points for the Reverend Strap buddy!

Joachim's Engine Turned Rocco

Engine Turned RoccoJoachim's ETA Rocco has been his main guitar since he bought it (used) a few years ago. He is based out of the Netherlands, and has played guitar for the Ballerina Liberation Front (pictured right) and Polarex, though he mostly does studio work now. He sent me this picture of him in action, and I think it is one of the coolest live action Reverend shots I have seen!

Reverend Rocco 57 Turqouise

Martin: 57 Turquoise Rocco

Martin's band "The Dalton Bros" is based in northern Germany. He plays an early Reverend Rocco that he bought on a visit to Boston. While he owns a lot of electric guitars he says of his Reverend: "when I play on sessions, no matter which amp is available, I can always find some awesome sound settings with the Rocco. It is also my favorite slide guitar."

Reverend Rumblefish Bugeye

The Chef

Alan goes by "The Chef" at the Talkbass Forum. He is a Bass Player's Bass Player, and he is also a Staff Reviewer for Bass Gear Magazine. The cool thing though, is that he is willing to share his knowledge in a friendly way to sucky bass players like me.

He has had several 'Fish, from Turqoise 4 bangers to a rare 5L in Blackwood. Here is an action shot of him cooking up some good ol' ge-donky-donk with his Bugeye Rumblefish. If they ever make Action Figures out of Bass Players, this is one guy they need to do!

Rumblefish #47 Indigo

Reverend RumblefishDave S has been a Reverend Fanatic since the company started making bases, and to proove it he has Reverend Bass #47.

He sends in this picture and comments, "here's an action shot of me with the Rumblefish that started it all.. bass #47, serial # 465. I've owned this one for 11 years now. I've had six Rumblefish all told, but at this point I'm down to #47 along with a lovely Moroccan gold PJ"

Indigo was a fairly rare color in Reverend terms. Only 5 Rumblefish were made in that color, and all but one were in the first 100 four string basses made.

Rumblefish PJ Bugeye

Matrok's Bug Eye PJ

Matt, aka Matrok, sent in this photo of him and his Bugeye PJ. Its his favorite bass and claims, "This bass is my "you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands bass." This pic was taken at Calahan's performing with Barbara Payton, who has sung and toured with Bob Seger and Kid Rock. Matrok has been performing in the Detroit area and across Canada (in the early 90's) for over 30 years.

Slingshot Custom Dragonfly Gree Flames

Mark McG's SCU
Flamed Dragon Fly Green

Mark McG has owned this special guitar for about a year. Only three guitars were made with the Sandblasted Flames over Dragon Fly Green, a Wolfman, a Rocco, and this Slingshot Custom. It most recently shared the stage with Mark at a Christmas show, and he tells us that he has, "yet to play one that sounds better". Extra points for the Reverend Guitar Strap!

Rumblefish PJ

Reverend Ken

Reverend Ken checks in and tells us, "They call me reverend because of the bass I play, a Moroccan Gold Reverend Rumblefish PJ. It isn't just any GLD PJ, either - according to Joe Naylor, who I spoke to when I purchased it from the factory in 2003, it is the very bass used for the Bass Player review that year. Cool, huh?"

Well we certainly think thats cool!. Ken tells us he has been a bass player for more than 40 years, first in NYC, then in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina. When he moved to Syracuse, NY in June of 2008 and started getting to know the local musicians, everybody wanted to know about his bass. Pretty soon, he had been given the nickname "Reverend Ken" which he now wear proudly.

Einstein Barbie's Rumblefish

Ivo contacted the site to tell us that he managed to score a 5L in Europe. "I bought myself a Rumblefish this year, didn't know the brand before. But after playing it a few months I love the sound. And I know realise how lucky I was that this type was for sale, especially over here in Europe. And now infected by the virus I am searching for a matching teardrop case and a 5-string. See the attachment for a Rumblefish in action. I play bass in the band EinsteinBarbie. Keep up the good work."

El Rey and his 57' Turquoise

Reverend SlingshotSkip, who goes by "El Rey" on a lot of forums shows off his early slingshot with his band, "The Fabulous Woodies" They treat the crowd at Wavecrest 2011 to their unique brand of "Surf Music and Beyond". Wavecrest is the worlds largest gathering of wood-bodied vehicles and is held every year at Monnlight Beach in Encinitas, CA. They are led by Skip "El Rey" B and his '57 Turquoise '99 Slingshot-his #1 axe since it was acquired directly from Joe Naylor and delivered to the '99 Nashville Summer NAMM Show.

Adam's Early Spy with Trem

Reverend SPYThis guitar was originally owned by Reverend endorsed artist Ferenc Dobronyi who plays for the Surf Music Band "Pollo del Mar". Its an early Spy with trem that came without the arm rest. I hated to let it go when I had it, because it plays so darn well. Probably one of the best Spys I've had.

It new owner is just as pleased as I was (though it went through another set of hands to get to him) and he quickly shot me an e-mail with some pics of he and the guitar, back on stage where they should be!

Adam plays for the band "The Kryss Dula Experience" and says of the SPY, "We do everything from Rockabilly, to Surf to British invasion to Country Western charttoppers and it (the SPY) pulls them all off well."

"The Situationals" Avenger 400

Reverend AvengerKelly M of the band, "The Situationals", has been using his Rverend Avenger sn 00400 for over a decade now, both live and in the studio. He says he absolutely loves his Avenger and sends in a picture of him with the guitar that is on the back of the bands latest album, "Bellwether"

Bong Guitar: SLS

Reverend Bong GuitarMike Edison, former editor for High Times magazine, demonstrates the dual purpose design of the infamous ChroniCaster. I guess we can't get more of an action shot using a Reverend than this. There were two USA Reverends in the Plexiglas finish. A Rosewood boarded Commando and this Maple Necked Slingshot.

You'd be amazed at how many folks find their way to the site by Googling "Bong Guitar".

Seems to be a real need out there ;)

If you want to see more of it in the YOUTUBE Clip.


Reverend T-ShirtMiles K and his son have had 6 different Reverend T-shirts between them. He sent a picture in of a cool Orange one with Reverend Logo. So far, I have seen Black, Dark Blue, Green, Orange... any readers have others they would like to share with the Congregation?