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Slingshot Jr.

Reverend SLingshot Jr


The Slingshot Jr. is probably one of the most underrated Guitars in the Reverend line up. Coming on to the scene in late 1999, the first Slingshot Jr. was serial numbered 02159 and was also marked "Jr.#1" and had both Zack's and Joe's Initials.

Six month's later in September of 2001, just about the entire production of Slingshot Jrs ceased. In 2006, as USA production was waning and the import models were waxing, the "last" Slingshot Jr. was made, SN 04727.

Reverend Slingshot Jr For Sale?Reverend Guitar for Sale
If you are thinking about selling your Slingshot Jr, or any other USA Reverend Guitar, Bass, or Amp, please send me an E-MAIL as I am always interested in buying USA Reverends (if the wife will allow!) But if not, I might be able to steer you in the directions of someone who does, or expand your guitar's exposure by listing it here on the site (for Free!)

Slingshot JrThe Slingshot Jr. has a few features that distinguish it from other guitars in the Reverend Line up, though a similar model would appear later, the Hot Shot JR.
The SJR had limited options and was offered in the 57 Yellow phenolic body, with a single P-90 pickup in a laminated Black/White/Black Pickguard. They came with rosewood fret boards and the standard non-locking tuners.

Collecting Notes

As stated above, the Slingshot Jr., while a very capable guitar, this model always seems to "lag" behind its other Reverend stablemate's when it comes to collecting/selling price. There are probably lots of reasons for this, but one of them has to be the numbers of SJRs produced. The official tally is 45, though two those are "unlike" the others. While 45 doesn't sound like a lot of guitars, in the world of Reverend USAs, its a farly significant number.

I am not sure if two of the SJR were "custom" ordered, or whether Joe Naylor and Crew concocted them out of curiosity, but SJR SNs 02194 and 04727 were not like the standard SJR in the Catalog. Slingshot Jr. 02194 came in Lime Green with a maple neck and had Sperzel locking tuners. It has already been stated that 04727 was the last Slingshot Jr. made, but it was configured as Jet Black with Sperzel Locking tuners. There is one other SJR of note, and that is 02470, which was like the "regular" SJR, except that it was made with a maple neck.

If you are the owner of any of these SJRs, I'd love to hear from you and get some photos of your guitars to complete the SJR section. As I say on just bout every page, if you are thinking of selling your Slingshot Jr. (or any other model), please get in touch with me via e-mail as I keep a running list of buyers and sellers and may be able to help you out.

If you would like to add or correct anything, please feel free to and I will try to get it updated as soon as I can.